Our Most Popular Monopolar Electrodes

Our disposable monopolar needle electrodes are used primarily in electromyograms, or electromyography (EMG) procedures, and come in a wide variety of lengths and gauges. Sizes are color-coded and range from 25mm (1”) long x 29 gauge all the way up to 75mm (3”) long x 24 gauge. The DTM-Series is The Electrode Store’s original monopolar design. DTMs come in a wide variety of lengths: 1.00”, 1.50”, 2.00”, and 3.00”. The popular top of the line “Protectrode System” is the next generation design, and is also an exclusive Electrode Store product. PRO-Series electrodes come in multiple lengths of 1.00”, 1.50”, and 2.00”.

Within these product families, DTM-1.50SAF and PRO-37SAF are the two most popular sizes. They are both pre-sterilized, one-time use, 37mm (1 ½”) x 27 gauge coated needles connected to 24” lead wires.

DTM-1.50SAF needle electrodes come with a translucent pink cap and are labeled individually in a pack of 50 available for $160.00. A sample pack of 10 individually packaged and labeled needles is also available for just $35.00.   


Like all PRO-Series electrodes, PRO-37SAF needle electrodes come with a specially-designed color-coded cap designed to enable safe and easy recapping. PRO-37SAF’s are packaged and labeled individually in a pack of 30 (for $118.00) or in a sample pack of 5 individually packaged and labeled needles for $22.00. All of our PRO-Series electrodes are compatible with the exclusive PRO-S95 needle stand shown in the picture below.   

Written by Courtney Jonas and Terri Wilkinson.

Written by Steve Obey — September 10, 2015

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