FC-294 Series: Finger Clips, Booted

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Set of reusable "diamond-shaped" adult finger clip sensory nerve electrodes with 24" (0.6m) lead-wires (either twisted pair or shielded set of 3), an insulated "boot," and standard 1.5mm touch-proof safety sockets. 6mm (0.25") wide smooth clips with a comfortable snug fit and easy release by pressing the boot.
Product # Configuration
FC-294(SAF) Set of 2 clips; 24" (0.6m) twisted red and black wires
FC-N94(SAF) Set of 3 clips; 24" (0.6m) electromagnetically shielded cable


The Electrode Store

Product Variant(s)

  • FC-294(SAF) - $60.00
  • FC-N94(SAF) - $125.00

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