Ear Clip Electrodes for Veterinary Use

For use as an alternative to needle electrodes in veterinary electroretinography (ERG) or related neuro-diagnostic applications; ear clip electrodes are a fast, flexible alternative. We offer the premium two-sided EAR Series (made by Technomed) with a 1 meter wire and touch-proof safety sockets.

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EAR Series: Premium Ear Clip Electrodes, Silver- or Gold-Plated

Eye & Ear

  • $77.00 USD

Smooth 10mm diameter ear clip electrodes by Technomed. Set of 2, with 39" (1m) red and blue lead-wires and standard 1.5mm touch-proof safety sockets. Reusable. Product # Variant or Configuration EARS-1M Silver-plated EARG-1M Gold-plated

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