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Gels and Pastes

Electrode gels and pastes for EMG, nerve conduction, and EEG including Spectra 360 (blue gel), SignaGel (green gel), SignaCreme, Aquasonic ultrasound gels by Parker Laboratories, plus 3 jar sizes of Electro-Gel by Electro-Cap for use with EEG electrode caps.


Skin Preparation, Gels, and Skin-Marking Pens

Popular, proven products for preparing or abrading the skin for electrode use, including NuPrepLemon Prep, and skin marking pens (non-sterile reusable (red or green)). For use in EMGNerve ConductionEEGERGIONM, or other procedures.


Conductive Pastes for EEG

3 top brands of conductive adhesive EEG pastes, including Ten20 (in 4 sizes/configurations) by Weaver; plus Redux, and Tensive ("throw the tape away") by Parker Labs. Ten20 (10-20 Series), Redux, and Tensive are available in low quantities (as low as a single tube in some cases) when you purchase from Electrode Store.


Collodion and Collodion Remover

Electrodiagnostic gels including collodion for sticking EEG cup electrodes to the skin or scalp, and collodion remover