EMG Needle Electrodes - Needles for Electromyography 

These high quality needle electrodes from The Electrode Store are for use in EMG testing.

The Electrode Store's monopolar EMG needles have a very sharp cone-shaped tip, by design.  This allows the needle electrode to puncture and “divide” the skin and subdermal muscle tissue rather than “slice,” which, while minimal, can be seen in some needle electrodes that have a beveled, lancet, or trocar tip. 

Our monopolar needle electrodes are considered by many to be the gold-standard in the market because of their sharpness, coating quality, signal quality, and safety features (such as the Protectrode™ safety cap, allowing one-handed re-capping).

If you would like to try our premium (PRO) or economical (DTM) needles, request a free product sample here.

We offer a wide variety of EMG/NCS electrodes and related products which you can explore here.