The Electrode Store's Values and Philosophy

Our Guiding Values

These are the values we try to live by in performing our mission of designing, manufacturing, and distributing the highest quality electrodiagnostic products.  If we fail to live up to these standards, please feel free to contact us.

  • Integrity & Honesty in all that we do.
  • Quality:   The safest and best quality products and processes.
  • Communication:   Frequent, clear, open communications that inform, listen, and add value.
  • Respect & Dignity:   We seek to treat employees, customers, suppliers, and others we encounter with respect.
  • Technology:   We seek and implement the best technologies in our products, processes, and systems.
  • Provide Good Customer Service:   We want to delight you – our valued customers – and not give you a reason to buy elsewhere.
  • Develop Long Term Relationships:   With customers, suppliers, employees and others.



One of our favorite sayings is “Better, not cheaper.”  That means that we – like our customers – want  the highest quality product or solution for the job.  We believe that it’s better to have a good, proven product that successfully performs the task it is designed to do, as opposed to a cheaper substitute that may scrimp on materials, workmanship, or design.  While many of our products are less expensive than those of our larger competitors, we believe that in medical devices, cheaper is often NOT better, and may even put patients and healthcare providers at greater risk in some instances.

Another saying we have is “Helping, not hounding.”  In short, this means treating our customers the way we would like to be treated – providing helpful and informative information when and where needed, and making it easy and quick to order products from us (via our website, telephone, FAX, or email).  This also means that we will NOT hound our customers with pesky sales calls or emails, we will NOT resort to high-pressure, “gimmicky,” or canned sales pitches, and we will NOT force our customers to endure those frustrating automatic/robotic customer service phone trees.

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