EMG / NCS Electrodes and Products for Electromyography (EMG Supplies) and Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS Supplies)

These high quality electrodes and products by The Electrode Store are for EMG and NCS testing. We offer several products such as premium and economical sterile needle electrodes with a very smooth, insulating coating, and result in minimal bleeding and relatively low pain.

The Electrode Store’s Protectrode™ family of monopolar EMG needle electrodes has a unique, large, proprietary protective cap which enables one-handed re-capping of the needle – thereby reducing the risk of needle-sticks to you or your team.

All of our monopolar EMG needle electrodes have a very sharp cone-shaped (pencil-like) point, by design.  This allows the needle to puncture and “divide” the skin and subdermal muscle tissue rather than “slice,” which, while minimal, can be seen in some needle electrodes that have a beveled, lancet, or trocar tip.  Finally, we have partnered with industry experts in PTFE and related coating technologies to incorporate a proprietary smooth and well-insulated coating material.

The overall result is a premium, sterile needle electrode with relatively low pain, minimal bleeding, and a smooth, insulating coating.  But don’t just take our word for it; try the needles for yourself (see below) or read what a couple of our physician customers recently had to say about the Protectrode monopolar EMG needle electrodes:

“Products are exceptional!”
“Best products by far!”

    If you would like try our premium Protectrode EMG needle electrodes (pictured), or the more economical DTM series of monopolar EMG needle electrodes (which use the same surgical steel needles and same coating), request a free product sample

    Our monopolar needles start as low as around $3.00 per needle.  We also offer:

    Protectrode Family Picture

    Whether you are a Physiatrist, NCS/NCV/EP Technologist, Researcher, Engineer, or a Specialist in Pain Management, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), Orthopaedics, MD, DO, Chiropractor, or other Neuromuscular / Musculoskeletal expert, we invite you to browse our EMG/NCS products, including the products mentioned above, or our other EMG accessories and electrode gels and pastes.