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The Electrode Store is the professional electrodiagnostician's preferred source for Electromyography (EMG) needle electrodes, Electroencephalography (EEG) subdermal needle electrodes, EMG reusable and disposable surface electrodes, and EEG reusable and disposable surface electrodes since 1975.

The Electrode Store developed the first disposable EMG needle electrode in 1980 and continues the quest for product and process improvement ever since. We are not just a distributor, but an ISO13485-Certified manufacturer. Our quality system complies with standards of the US FDA, Health Canada, and the European Community. We satisfy customers throughout the Western Hemisphere, the Pacific Rim and Europe. The Electrodes Store assembles monopolar needle electrodes and subdermal needle electrodes in a Class 10,000 Clean Room prior to sterilization. We may also be able to help with your custom design or manufacturing needs.

The products manufactured by The Electrode Store are used in the diagnosis of various neurological and neuromuscular dysfunctions, including balance, mobility, and sleep disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, and epilepsy.

We are proud of our reputation for high quality EMG monopolar needle electrodes, concentric needle electrodes, hypodermic needle electrodes, subdermal needle electrodes, and disposable surface electrodes and the competitive prices we offer our customers. Our EMG needles are made of the highest quality surgical suture steel, coated with a proprietary PTFE coating for ease of insertion and  conically sharpened to produce minimal bleeding post-examination.

EEG needles quantify spontaneous bioelectric activity along the scalp during clinical EEG, for intraoperative monitoring of depth of anesthesia, or similar electroneurodiagnostic examinations.

Our friendly, trained support staff ensures every customer receives the information and assistance necessary to guarantee their satisfaction with our electrodes and with our service. We look forward to serving your electrodiagnostic accessory needs.


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