Special Deals and Incentives

Other than our normal volume discounts and dealer pricing programs, we don’t normally have “sales.”  And, we take pride in providing good value and high-quality products at our normal, competitive prices.  However, there are several additional ways our price-conscientious customers can realize significant savings:

Clearance Items:  We occasionally end up with overstocked or discontinued products, or products that only have half of their shelf-life remaining before expiration.  In such cases we may offer the products for sale at a deep discount – such as half price – in the clearance items collection on our website. 

Competitive Price Quotes:  If you are an existing or prospective customer and  you are currently buying some or all of your EMG, EEG, or related electrodiagnostic neuro supplies from one of our competitors, we would appreciate the chance to give you either a competitive price quote or free samples of comparable products.  In our efforts to win new business, in many cases we are able to offer discounts deeper than normal, and other customers have found our products to be equivalent or superior – for the same price or lower than what they are paying elsewhere.  Please contact us and let us know the product type, brand, and model number so we can give you a comparable alternative.  You could even send a picture of the product so we can see if we have an equivalent product. 


Try Before You Buy:  We will provide free product samples of several of our disposable needle electrodes or surface electrodes to doctors or practices who have not tried them before.  Limitations may apply.  Learn more about this program here

Everyday Dollar Volume Discount Program:  Assuming prompt payment (in advance or within 30 days), customers may receive volume discounts:  5% off orders over $1000; 7% off orders over $2000, or 10% off orders over $5000 (US Dollars).  You must call, email, or fax such orders in, or you may enter the following discount codes at checkout if ordering online:  1000DISC, 2000DISC, or 5000DISC, if your order is over $1000, $2000, or $5000, respectively.  (This program does not apply if other discounts or special pricing is already in affect.)

Other Incentives for Existing or New Customers:  Please check this page or contact us for special promotions or incentives, such as loyalty rewards for existing or long-term customers, or incentives for new prospects to give us a try.