Dealer or Distributor Inquiries 

Attention dealers, distributors, wholesalers and resellers:

The Electrode Store is actively seeking good distributors, dealers or resellers to help grow our business in other countries outside the USA. 

If you are an international dealer, distributor, or reseller (NOT in the US), and you are hoping to grow your business by adding high quality neuromuscular electro-diagnostic (EDX) products like ours to your product portfolio or catalog, please contact us at

To qualify,

  • You must be an established medical supply business in the country you wish to sell our products in, with an active website or web presence.  
  • You must already be actively selling products (EMG or EEG machines, needle electrodes, surface electrodes, EEG cups and caps, electrode gels or pastes and related accessories) within the EMG or EEG marketplace, with an established customer base of hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, neurologists, physiatrists, or related physical medicine and rehab (PM&R) or pain management physicians.
  • You must be familiar with and experienced in the process of registering medical devices in your country and with the appropriate government registration agency, to ensure all legal requirements are met prior to selling products.
  • You must have a good, established method for keeping records of sales to your customers, including part numbers, lot numbers, quantities, date sold, customer contact information.

Deep discounts off of our retail prices (the prices listed on our website) are available to distributors who qualify.  Distributors are grouped into “tiers” and the greater the sales volume (quantity) of products you buy and resell, the greater the discount and the lower your wholesale prices from us will be.  Minimum purchase quantities or minimum annual dollar volume levels are expected.  Dealer price lists will be made available to qualified prospective distributors. 

Approved or authorized distributors may request and may be granted the ability to purchase on credit terms (Net 30 Days) from us after the relationship is established and certain criteria are met.

If desired, we will partner with authorized distributors in supplying images and/or customizing or designing flyers, product spec sheets, PDF catalogs, and even trade show booth materials for your market.

Distributors Wanted