EMG Surface Electrodes for Electromyography (EMG) / Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS / NCV)

The Electrode Store offers many types of surface electrodes such as bar electrodesdisc electrodesground electrodesdisposable electrodesring electrodes, and finger clip electrodes.


Disposable Surface Electrodes (Single-Patient-Use)

Single-use EMG / NCS surface electrodes minimize risks of cross-contamination. Available with wires attached (Models 1023 & 1025) or with alligator clips (bar, ring, or tab electrode options available). Also, you spend less time and money on labor because you don't have to clean them - just dispose of the electrodes after use.


Re-usable Sensory / Surface Electrodes and Bar Electrodes

We manufacture every conceivable configuration of bar electrodes (anode distal, cathode distal, flat or concave electrode surface, shielded or un-shielded wiring), plus finger clips (adult and pediatric), sensory ring electrodes, disc and ground electrodes large and small, and more.