EZMRK Series: Skin Markers, Easily Removable Ink

The Electrode Store

Regular tip skin marker for marking non-surgical aesthetic, nerve conduction (NCS) or injection sites, or other general non-sterile, non-surgical markings. Easily removable ink comes off quickly with alcohol swab or soap and water. Packs of 5 or 30 reusable mini-pens (green or red).

 Product # Quantity and Color
EZMRK-G(5) Pack of 5 reusable mini-pens (Green)
EZMRK-R(5) Pack of 5 reusable mini-pens (Red)
EZMRK-G(30) Pack of 30 reusable mini-pens (Green)
EZMRK-R(30) Pack of 30 reusable mini-pens (Red)


The Electrode Store

Product Variant(s)

  • EZMRK-G(5) - $8.00
  • EZMRK-R(5) - $8.00
  • EZMRK-G(30) - $29.00
  • EZMRK-R(30) - $29.00

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