The Convenience of Ordering Electrodes Online

You can now order your electrodiagnostic supplies from The Electrode Store via your phone or computer in less than a minute.

And even faster if you’re a returning customer.

We’re all busy.  Time is valuable and irreplaceable.  We made online ordering for electrodes and other neuro-diagnostic supplies on as easy and as quick as can be.  Whether you are a new or returning customer, or even have a special pricing structure with us, you can order online in, quite literally, less than a minute.


Why else should I order online?

  1. It saves time
  2. Same day shipping (~95% of the time, if ordered before noon Pacific Time)
  3. Save money on shipping and handling  (Generally, our customers pay less for shipping when ordering online; thanks to real time estimates from FedEx)
  4. Two-Click ReOrdering  (All items from any of your previous orders can be added to your cart in one click. Edit if you wish, or checkout as is)
  5. Order anytime  (24/7/365, with 99.99% uptime)
  6. Mobile phone ordering  (just as easy as ordering new socks from Amazon)
  7. Several payment options  (including credit card, PayPal, Net 30, or any special payment terms you may have with us)
  8. Custom discounts unique to your pricing structure (generally for large customers or distributors)
  9. See product photos and specs  (high quality product photos and detailed product descriptions/specifications for every product; avoid any and all confusion that may happen over the phone)
  10. Easily compare products and prices
  11. Multiple currency options  (our website accurately and in real time converts our USD prices to CAD, GBP, and EUR)
  12. Very secure data and card processing  (PCI DSS compliant (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Supports 3D Secure checkouts, a security layer that adds an authentication step for online payments. All payment data is encrypted)
  13. Ability to add your Purchase Order Number to the order  (In the PO / notes section.  You can also tell us whatever you want here, “Send us some DTM samples and a catalog, please and thank you!”)Add Purchase Order on Cart Page
  14. And all other E-Commerce standards, such as choosing your preferred shipping method and tracking your order.


For professional use only: Ordering online is for use by or under the direct supervision of a licensed professional (i.e., a physician) per federal or other applicable laws.

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