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Veterinary Electrodes and Products for Veterinary Ophthalmology 

While most of our products are designed for human use, The Electrode Store is a leading supplier of electroretinography (ERG) electrodes and related supplies for the Veterinary Ophthalmology market.  If you are a Veterinary Ophthalmologist, please check out our reusable stainless steel veterinary needle electrodes (GR series, or request a sample, now available in 3 colors – red, white and black).  For a superior signal, nothing beats our platinum iridium needle electrodes (Model PLAT-5PK).  And, we have a variety of surface electrodes, gels, and pastes available as well. 

We are also an authorized distributor of the ERG-Jet contact lens electrode, an industry-leading ERG lens electrode made by Swiss manufacturer Fabrinal.  The ERG Jet (Electrode Store part number 7506) is now available at unbelievable prices from The Electrode Store in three different configurations – by the pair, 6-pair “cube” box, or 25 pair “tower” box.

ERG Lens Electrodes

All of the above electrode products have attached wires that come with an industry standard DIN 42802-1 touch proof safety socket (1.5mm) compatible with most ERG systems and equipment.

In the Veterinary Ophthalmology market, the leading ERG/VEP systems are made by our friends at RetinoGraphics, Inc. of Norwalk, Connecticut. Their systems – such as the BPM-300 Electrodiagnostic System – are specifically designed for the veterinary market and are unbeatable in terms of value, portability, and practical functionality.  When buying an ERG machine such as those made by RetinoGraphics, other Veterinary Ophthalmologists often supplement their purchase with a cube box of ERG-Jets and a 5-pack of platinum-iridium needle electrodes from The Electrode Store.

RetinoGraphics, Inc.