How Our Electrodes are Sterilized

Did you know how our electrodes are sterilized?  At the completion of final assembly and packaging, our disposable needle electrodes are sent out to a world-class sterilization lab to be sterilized right in their individually sealed packs.  The sterilization firm we use offers three different types of sterilization:  Gamma Irradiation, Ethylene Oxide and Electron Beam (E-Beam)The Electrode Store products undergo E-Beam sterilization because it is the best fit for the type of products and packaging we have.  Some plastics and other materials may undergo material changes during sterilization, but our materials have been selected to withstand the E-Beam radiation doses with no degradation in materials or performance.  Essentially, E-Beam kills microorganisms on the devices that otherwise could present a risk of infection upon use.  The product packages are safe to handle after the process, and a red dot on the product’s label indicates it has undergone sterilization.  As long as the needle electrodes remain sealed in their packs, they are deemed sterile at least until their 3-year expiration date.  For more about E-Beam radiation, read on…

What is E-Beam radiation?  According to Wikipedia, E-Beam radiation is a form of ionizing energy that is characterized by its low penetration and high dosage rates. The Beam – a concentrated, highly charged stream of electrons – is generated by accelerators capable of producing continuous or pulsed beams. As the product/material being sterilized passes beneath or in front of the E-Beam, energy from the electrons is absorbed, altering various chemical and biological bonds and destroying the DNA and reproductive capabilities of microorganisms. Sterilization with electrons has significant advantages over other methods of sterilization currently in use. The process is quick, reliable, and compatible with most materials, and does not require any quarantine following the processing.  For some materials and products that are sensitive to oxidative effects, radiation tolerance levels for electron beam irradiation may be slightly higher than for gamma exposure. This is due to the higher dose rates and shorter exposure times of e-beam irradiation which have been shown to reduce the degradative effects of oxygen.

Written by Terri Wilkinson — October 27, 2015

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