Comfortable Electrodes for the Eyes

The ERG-Jet, manufactured by Fabrinal SA, and distributed in the US and Canada by The Electrode Store, is a disposable contact lens electrode used for performing an electroretinogram (ERG) procedure.  Essentially, Electroretinograpy measures the eye’s neural/electrical responses to a series of flashing lights to determine whether the retina has a disorder.  Often, ERGs are done as a screen to determine if cataract or retinal surgery would be beneficial or not.

The ERG-Jet is packaged and sold by the pair, or in a box of 25 pairs.  It is inexpensive, comfortable, small (12 mm diameter and just a few angstroms thick), and has a 7.90 mm radius of curvature, a gold-poly surface, and neutral optical quality.  Pre-sterilized and intended for single-use only, the ERG Jet comes with a 27” attached lead wire with a standard 1.5 mm plug.

Not just for people:  In addition to the thousands of ophthalmologists who perform ERGs on humans, there are also hundreds of veterinary ophthalmologists who now use ERG as a tool to help restore or improve the vision of dogs, horses, cats, and even birds! 

The ERG-Jet has been a key part of the transforming improvements we have seen in the field of ophthalmology in the past quarter-century.  If you would like additional product information, please contact us, or if you would like to place an order it can be done online or by calling us at 1-800-537-1093.

Written by Steve Obey — November 30, 2015

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