Surface Electrodes

 What are Surface Electrodes?

What are surface electrodes?  They are conductive metal plates used by physicians to read neuro-muscular electrical signals through the skin.  They are typically composed of Ag/AgCI (Silver or Silver Chloride) metal, placed on the skin, and kept in place with adhesive or elastic bands.  They are attached to a cable that plugs into the doctor’s electrodiagnostic equipment.  Sometimes conductive gels are used to improve the electrical conduction between the skin and the electrode.  Various electrodes can be used as reference or ground electrodes in electromyography (EMG) procedures, or active, reference or ground electrodes in electroencephalography (EEG).

The Electrode Store sells all types of surface electrodes, from bar electrodes, disc electrodes, ground electrodes, and disposable electrodes (like adhesive stickers), to ring and finger clip electrodes.

We manufacture our reusable surface electrodes at our Washington facility. Shelly is our lead surface electrode assembler who makes most of our surface electrodes, and has been with us for several years.  When asked what she likes about her position here, she stated, “It’s like a craft project every day.  I take raw materials and build something from start to finish, and it’s fun!  My co-workers also make coming to work enjoyable.”  Her duties include collecting raw materials, precisely measuring, cutting and stripping of wires, soldering the electrodes onto the lead wires, applying shrink-tubing, connecting the sockets to the wire, and putting the housing on. Once her work is complete, the items are sent to quality control to be inspected.  Because these surface electrodes are re-usable, they are not sent out for pre-sterilization.  After inspection, the products are packaged and received into finished goods inventory - ready to be sold.

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